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Cambio Rewards: A unique approach to online banking

Cambio Rewards offers customers unique rewards incentives to track their money and financial stability through their mobile app.

Unique Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are common, unique rewards programs are rare. Just about every sub shop has a “Buy ten, get one free” punch card program but that doesn’t offer a real incentive for people to participate. 

The best rewards programs are so generous and versatile that a participant is improved just for joining but many do not hold up this standard. Instead, they focus on a path of doing what is best for the brand, and not for the customer. It’s rewarding to the business that offers it.

Cambio’s unique rewards system allows you to earn points by improving your financial skills and those points translate into money dropped right into your account.

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What is Cambio Rewards?

Cambio Rewards encourages its users to connect with their bank accounts by offering unique rewards offers. The more engaged you are with the app, the better the rewards. By racking up Cambio Coins, you can earn a variety of awards. 

Reward points can be gained in many ways, earning you money back. Making smart financial decisions and checking your rewards can be done anywhere, even by working at home on your money. Cambio rewards you just for checking your account balance. 

The Cambio Bill Pay feature helps you to pay your bills on time. By paying your bills, credit card charges and loan repayments on time, you can earn even more rewards. The longer you build an on-time payment streak, the more points you can earn! 

If saving money is your goal, Cambio will reward you for setting a spending and saving plan. You can earn even more Cambio Coins by sticking to your plans and reaching your savings goals.

We also offer a series of activities and challenges through our mobile app called Cambio Routines. Participating in challenges and completing offers increases the amount of points you can earn. These customer services lead to financial stability, good financial track records and prizes.

Cambio Coins

This is just our point system – the more Coins you earn, the more rewards you get! Earn Coins by completing challenges in app and by making smart financial decisions for a sound financial future.

Redeem awards

Coins can be redeemed for a variety of different rewards. These awards include cash offers, credit and other incentives. Earn back your money online through our mobile app.

What sets us apart

Other bank reward systems have two principal issues: they only reward points for spending money, and they are intentionally obstructive.

The obstruction is because the banks don’t actually want you to spend your points. Instead, they will confuse customers chasing arbitrary status such as “gold membership”, give points to read emails, watch videos take online surveys, require the use of a special reward site, or referring friends as part of its referral program. Cambio doesn’t ask its customers to take paid surveys, or other wastes of time. 

Cambio is different from traditional banking, creating a bridge between tracking your money and mobile banking. Our unique approach to banking makes financial stability and money-savvy habits part of your lifestyle. 

Our rewards systems incentives you through Cambio Coins to track your money. By saving and doing the right thing, Cambio makes their banking worth your time. Their unique rewards reviews your financial choices and rewards you for good financial behavior and decisions.

We strive to help you develop the money management skills you need to succeed. By offering no opening or minimum balance requirements, Cambio strives to help you create a better financial future. 

Cambio customers are enabled and empowered to improve their financial situation that allows them to secure lower interest rates for car loans, qualify for a mortgage, save for a down payment, and the cycle of credit card debt that has shackled so many Americans. 

Unlike many banks, our goal is to improve your financial situation. Instead of encouraging you to swipe, swipe, swipe, we look at the quality of the swipe instead. This leads to making better financial choices and creating good money habits for the future.

Get started today

There’s never been a better time to get started than today. You owe it to yourself to choose a bank that wants you to succeed and rewards positive financial habits. Cambio is the bank that incentivizes progress for its customers. 

At Cambio, we specialize in credit repair, helping you to build your credit and ensuring your credit reports are accurate. Click here for more information

For only $9.99 a month, you can set yourself up for a future of financial freedom. Our rewards system helps you track your money and gives you rewards for setting goals and sticking to them. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and take a leap into a good financial future, today.

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