Script to negotiate interest and save money

Best Script To Negotiate Interest Rates

Do Your Research Before Negotiating

Prepare The Arguments In Your Script

Practice The Negotiation

Communication is key to succeeding with an interest rate negotiation. Practice confidently and professionally explaining your request and supporting arguments. Prepare some lines in advance that summarize your key points around your research findings, payment history, and fairness in receiving a lower competitive rate. If negotiating over the phone, role play the conversation ahead of time so you feel at ease with the interaction. With practice, you will sound polished and persuasive, increasing your chances of a successful negotiation.

Prepared? Time To Negotiate Your Interest Rates!

With your research and arguments prepared, it is time to execute the negotiation At this point, you should have a good idea of what your script to negotiate your interest rate will look like. If negotiating over the phone, call your lender’s customer service line and ask to speak to someone who can review your interest rate. If sending a written request, send a formal letter to your lender’s interest rate negotiation or customer retention department.

Here is a sample script to negotiate interest rates that you can use to guide your own. Keep in mind, yours might look different based on your preparation:

“Hello, my name is _______. And I’d like to speak with someone to talk about why my interest rate is so high.

(Continue once you’re connected with someone who can make a decision on your interest rate, typically a “credit account specialist”)

“I’ve used my (credit card company) card for several years now and always make my payments on time. So I’m not sure why my APR is as high as it is. I’ve called (competitor credit card company A) and they’ve offered me a card with an interest rate as low as (x). I’ve enjoyed the customer service with your company but it’s not enough to make up for how high this interest rate is. I’m seriously considering switching to (competitor credit card company A). Can you help me lower my APR?

(If they offer you a slightly lower rate but it fails to reach your target rate, you can say something like: “Is that really the lowest you it can go? If so, I’ll be switching to a new credit card company immediately “)

In your communication, first thank them for their partnership and acknowledge your payment history. Then, state you would like your interest rate to be reviewed and lowered to the current market rate in order to continue your relationship. Proceed to outline your research findings and arguments for why a lower rate is merited and fair. Provide specific rates you have found as reasonable benchmarks. Be polite but firm, and stay confident in your position.

This One Conversation Could Save You Hundreds

Using this script to negotiate interest rates can save you a LOT of money down the road. For example, a 2% lower rate could save $100 per month or $1,200 per year on a $10,000 loan balance. Calculate your own savings by estimating the monthly interest charges at the lower rate and compare them to your current charges. Displaying the actual potential savings can be an eye-opening motivator for you to tackle the negotiation process.

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