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The Cambio Score is a simplified credit score designed to help you understand, build, and recover credit easily.
(Not associated with your FICO score)

Show a network of quality lenders that you can handle your finances.
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Build and access credit in as little as 6 months

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We measure four simple factors

Pay bills on time

Spend Smart

plan for the future

pay down debt

Factor 1: Pay bills on time

Lenders want to see you can pay bills on time. We make that easy!

Increase your Cambio Score by paying important bills on-time like utilities, rent, cell phone and debt payments

Use our smart bill pay to not only increase your Cambio Score but earn rewards points at the same time! Win-win

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Factor 2: Spend smart

Show you can manage money like a pro by taking care of the important things in life FIRST

We'll help you prioritize essential expenses over non-essential expenses

Budget like a pro with easy-to-stick-to, automated budgeting.

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Factor 3: Grow your savings

Show you can handle an unexpected expense

Choose from personalized savings strategies to make your money work for you.

Follow our recommendations to earn points that contribute directly to your savings!

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Factor 4: Put a dent in your debt

Prove to lenders that you're in control by paying down existing credit cards

Money in collections? High credit card debt? You're in the right place

Choose from personalized debt repayment plans that work for you. Automate your payment plans and take the stress out of debt.

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