Why Is Sequium Asset Solutions On My Credit Report?

If you have noticed an account with Sequium Asset Solutions on your credit report, you might also notice that this has negatively affected your credit score. It has probably caused you to question why Sequium Asset Solutions is on your credit report.

Sequium is a debt collection firm based in Georgia. They work on behalf of other companies to recover old, unpaid accounts. Sequium Asset Solutions also operates under the name Focus Receivables Management.

Is Sequium Asset Solutions A Scam?

Have you received so many calls from this company that you wonder if they are a marketing company or a scam? You’re not alone. Many consumers have dealt with annoying calls, letters and texts from Sequium. To sum it up, although Sequium’s collection practices might be bothersome, they are a legitimate debt collector. If Sequium contacts you, it is best to communicate with them. But before you do, learn the right strategy to respond to their attempts to contact you. You’ll be ready to do this after you read this guide.

Sequium Asset Solutions Reviews

Sequium Asset Solutions is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company has received a number of complaints from consumers and reviews are not positive. Many complaints arise from consumers who allege they are not liable for the debt on their credit report, and that they never had a contract with the original debtor. Consumers also mention that Sequium would not provide documentation proving they own the debt.

Remove Sequium Asset Solutions

Step 1: Debt Validation

Send the letter via certified USPS mail to:

1130 Northchase Parkway

Suite 150

Marietta GA, 30067

Step 2: Dispute The Debt

It’s helpful to know the common mistakes that could give you cause to file a dispute with Sequium:

  • The amount of the debt is wrong
  • The account owner is not actually you; identity theft is common
  • The date of the debt is past the statute of limitations in your state. (Remember, in many states, this period is 7 years.)

Step 3: Negotiate A Pay to Delete Arrangement With Sequium

Note that you do not have to negotiate to pay the full amount. In fact, you can start by negotiating 20-30% of the total amount. Bear in mind that you should only negotiate to an amount that you can afford to pay. Do not negotiate an amount that is beyond your budget, or you can potentially do further damage to your credit.

It is up to the debt collections agency to accept your offer. They are not obligated to agree to a pay for delete arrangement. It’s in your best interest to always communicate with them in a timely, patient and professional manner throughout the process. Doing this will give you the best chance that the collector will agree to your proposal.

Ultimately, your goal is to remove the collections account from your credit report. The second best outcome is to have a “paid” remark on the account. If Sequium will not agree to a pay for delete arrangement, ask that after you pay the agreed amount, they note the account as “paid collections.” This is not as damaging on your credit report as “unpaid collections.”

Why is Sequium Asset Solutions on my credit report?

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